Remodeling any room in your house is no easy task.  When you remodel areas like your kitchen or your bedroom, you generally have some ideas in mind of how you’d approach the scenario and what you’d like to see in one of your primary living spaces.

Bathrooms on the other hand are really no different than any other room in your home when approaching it to remodel, yet people rarely put the same time and effort into their bathroom that they do other areas of their house.

There’s plenty to think about because one small incorrect step can make it incredibly hard to keep the space inside the home fully functional and optimized for organization. Below are five basic tips that you should remember at all times when setting up your bathroom.

1.  Have a plan BEFORE you start pulling out sinks, toilets and walls.  Make sure you map out everything that you think you’ll need to get started and don’t leave yourself in a situation where you are planning while you are making changes.  There’s nothing worse than figuring out that you didn’t plan for adequate grooming storage and now you don’t have room for your favorite wet shaving gear or your favorite electric shaver.

2.  Plan for shower storage.  Like this article by popular mechanics points out, you want to map out how you intend to store your shampoos, conditioners and soaps before you take down your first wall.  Nothing feels worse than getting close to 90% finished with your remodel and realizing you are still stuck with a hanging rack from your shower head because you didn’t map out the right shower storage.  Make sure you leave plenty of room for your best safety razors or your best beard trimmers if you have a man in the house that likes to groom in the shower.

3.  Refinish items instead of replacing them.  It’s a great idea if you can save certain items in your bathroom and reuse them after touching them up.  Maybe you have some faucet heads or towel racks that can be put to good use again after a fresh coat of paint.  If you are handy, this can be both a time saver and a money saver as you aren’t spending time searching for a replacement.

4.  Have an idea of how you want lighting to look.  Do you want to have two vanity mirrors with their own lights above it?  Perhaps you want just one sink, one mirror and several lights recessed through the rest of the bathroom?  The possibilities are endless, but missing the mark on the lights are sure to leave a poor impression on both your guests as well as give you a headache when you realize that you need to bring in additional lights just to do your typical grooming routine.

5.  Stick to your budget!  Most people will blow through a budget even if they do a good job planning it out.  As this article by points out, planning your budget should be on your list of considerations and you should always give yourself a little room for cushion, just in case expenses pile up that you aren’t expecting.

Overall, if you stick to your guns and follow the 5 tips above, it will become exponentially easier to remodel your bathroom the right way and stick to your budget.  Taking on a full bathroom remodel is a huge undertaking but with the right planning setup in advance, it can become much easier in the long run.